KORR Value

Core Values, Core Competencies, Core Principals

KORR Value invests in various asset classes and dynamically allocates capital based on the opportunities presented by the ever changing markets. The value in KORR is its people. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT SOLICITING or ACCEPTING OUTSIDE INVESTMENTS AT THIS TIME.

KORR Value L.P, managed by KORR Acquisitions Group, is dedicated to investing in a true Benjamin Graham approach. Benjamin Graham is well known as the father of value investing, an investment approach he began teaching in 1928 at Columbia Business School. Few people know that Mr. Graham’s approach to researching investments was, and is, valuable for both long and short opportunities and applicable in both good and bad markets.

There has been a paradigm shift in the investment landscape. In order to succeed today one must do the due-diligence and understand the world is more inter-connected than ever before. Failure to consider macro events and circumstances can be dangerous.  New technologies can displace and/or enhance existing industries. Big data analysis has become a popular term, however, few firms do it in conjunction with fundamental due diligence.  KORR’s big data analytics are incorporated into our research process. We have updated our risk models. VAR and Beta have less input than Implied volatility, which is a better measure to use as it incorporates current opportunities – which may be dramatically different than the last 20 years.

At KORR, we see opportunities often shift between asset classes, size of market capitalizations, industry segments, that are constantly being altered by macro sentiment.  As the use of index based ETFs, quantitative programs and crowded herd and momentum investing increases in popularity, we see more opportunity for KORR to bring value to our partners through our research, patience and disciplines.  We are dynamic in our asset allocation and will continue to invest wherever and whenever opportunities exist.