KORR’s mission is to be the leader in consistent risk adjusted returns for our partners. Our business principles are founded on hard work, a collaborative environment and integrity.

Our Mission Statement

Is to be the industry’s best fund by consistently delivering superior risk adjusted returns, while adhering to our core values of integrity, diligence, accountability, excellence, passion, and appreciation.


This is the key value from which all other values follow. Integrity is a full time value. By being honest and maintaining strong moral Principles our partners can invest with confidence, our portfolio companies can trust our input and our team can trust each other.

Diligence and Accountability

Our capital, our partners capital and our reputation are always on the line. This responsibility means that our careful and persistent work continues for the duration of any investment.

Excellence and Passion

To be the best, means that we maintain our passion to improve our many skill sets, and maintain our rigorous selective process.


We are a team of professionals and thankful for the trust placed in us by our partners..

Our Rules To Invest By

  • Protect Capital
  • Invest in Simple Businesses , understand the entire value chain
  • Invest in Management
  • Invest in the competitive advantage
  • Do homework and continue to be diligent
  • Believe in the work you put forth
  • Listen to the facts, not the noise
  • Don’t let emotions of other shareholders, positively or negatively, influence your outlook
  • If things change, re-evaluate
  • Things can and do change (maybe for better – maybe for worse) so act accordingly
  • Consistently consider the opportunity cost of capital with names we are working on.
  • Structure the investments to give the greatest upside potential and limit downside.
  • Patience – We would rather miss an opportunity, than chase one. We wait for opportunities to come to us and it is our job to be prepared when it does.