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Our unique culture attracts and retains talented investment professionals, providing each with the risk management and operational framework necessary to allow him or her to focus on meeting our clients’ objectives. Through thoughtful management, KORR has cultivated a workplace that provides all its employees with a sense of family, inclusiveness and a foundation for success. We encourage collaboration among all professionals to ensure each is constantly learning from one another.

KORR's mission strives to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns by combining people with a clear process and sound risk management

Meet Our Chairman

Gary Podell

Gary Podell, our chairman, is the founding partner of Legal Recovery Associates, Cash In Your Case, Churchill Real Estate Holdings, Vintage Group and Vintage Real Estate Services.

Legal Recovery (“LRA”) has grown into one of the nations largest tort action firms (by number of clients). LRA has secured multiple rounds of institutional funding.  Cash In Your Case offers health care providers, specialty financing options and has recently secured a $50 million line.

Churchill is a vertically integrated real estate firm established in 2014 by industry professionals with a thorough understanding of the commercial real estate sector and substantial operational expertise in development and property management. Prior to its inception, Churchill’s founding partners had completed over $5 billion of debt and equity transactions across twenty states. Since inception in September 2014, Churchill has successfully invested over $1 billion, focusing on well-located, downside-protected real estate as well as transactions with risk-mitigated capital structures.

Gary Podell remains a principal at Vintage Group LLC. During his tenure, Gary oversaw the acquisition and redevelopment of over 3,000 rent-regulated apartment units throughout the Greater New York area. Gary also co-founded Vintage Real Estate Services, a real estate management company specializing in condominium and cooperatives. Vintage Real Estate Services currently has 1,500 residential apartment units under management.

In addition, Gary partnered with Metropolitan Realty Group LLC in the acquisition and development of a unique portfolio of approximately 2,000 units across numerous affordable housing projects. Gary and Metropolitan still co-own properties together.

Gary and his real estate partners have aggregated a portfolio that today exceeds over $500 million in equity value.  Prior to Vintage/Metropolitan, Gary, a licensed attorney, specialized in Real Estate Tax and Appraisal Litigation.


Meet Our CIO

Kenneth Orr

CEO, CIO. Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam

Kenny Orr, is the founder of KORR, previously he initiated numerous constructivist investments. All of these concentrated investments out performed the markets. All proved not only profitable but provided much knowledge one can only obtain through experience. Mr. Orr has recently identified a $1.5 billion takeover target for a KORR client, and introduced a strategic partner and funding source to help shore up KORR’s client’s bid.